PMO as a Service

In today’s world there is rapid digital transformation in technology, constantly shifting priorities, demanding stakeholders and time driven delivery for remaining in competition. This requires a strong portfolio and program

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Global Capability Center (GCC) setup

Aikya can help you set up a GCC in India that can provide you with a dedicated team of IT or ITes professionals who are focused on your specific needs.

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Digital Transformation

In today’s dynamic landscape, embracing digital transformation is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. At Aikya, we empower businesses like yours to thrive in the digital age by offering comprehensive services.

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Trades & Stocks

This allows us to specialize in all dimensions of trades and stocks, because we have a specialist within the team for every scenario.

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Strategic Planning

We work with our clients and do a deep analysis of their business. We help prepare possible outcomes to different decisions.

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Financial Projections

This stops companies from taking drastic measures like downsizing or closing down sites; those things happen only with no.

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International Business Opportunities

We allow you to enter international waters without having to worry about making a mistake, as experience.

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Business Planning, Strategy & Execution

Execution is the single most important part of the whole process, poor execution can result in a lot of lost time and money.

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Damian Smulders
CTO, DeepOcean Entertainment

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