Global Capability Centre

How we can Build your GCC

Our Global Capability Centre development service is designed to help our clients establish and manage a dedicated offshore center in India, leveraging the country’s skilled workforce, favorable business environment, and cost advantages. We use a structured and organized approach to strategic planning, location analysis, infrastructure setup, talent acquisition, and operations management, ensuring that our clients get the best possible outcomes from their GCC development in India.

GCC’s are also referred to as Captives, Global Business Centres, Global In-House Centers (GICs), Global Technology Centres.

Aikya takes the complexity out of establishing your Global Capability Centre (GCC). We provide comprehensive support across every stage, from discovery and planning to successful execution and transfer.





Delving Deep: The Discovery Phase of Your GCC Journey

The Discovery Phase is the cornerstone of setting up a successful Global Capability Centre (GCC). At Aikya Consulting, we dive deep into several key areas to ensure your GCC aligns seamlessly with your strategic goals and delivers impactful results.

1. Need: Identifying the Spark:

What are your business objectives? Are you aiming for cost reduction, enhanced efficiency, access to specialized talent, or market expansion? Understanding your core need ensures the GCC is designed to address it effectively.

2. Business Case: Building a Compelling Narrative:

Can a GCC financially justify itself ? We meticulously analyse market potential, operational savings, and return on investment (ROI) to create a robust business case that motivates stakeholders.

3. Skills & Size: Tailoring the Workforce

What capabilities do you require? We define the specific skills and expertise needed in your GCC, factoring in future growth requirements. Determining the optimal team size ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

4. KPIs: Measuring Success:

How will you gauge progress? We establish clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aligned with your objectives, enabling objective evaluation and continuous improvement.

5. Culture: Bridging the Gap:

Can you integrate the GCC seamlessly? We assess your internal company culture and identify potential synergies or challenges with the chosen location. This ensures smooth integration and fosters a collaborative environment.

6. Budget: Charting the Course:

What are your financial constraints? We develop a detailed budget encompassing all GCC setup and operational costs, including infrastructure, talent acquisition, and technology. This transparency empowers informed decision-making.

Laying the Foundation: The Setup Phase of Your GCC

The Setup Phase of Your GCC Following the insightful Discovery Phase, we at Aikya Consulting move into the Setup Phase, where we translate your vision into a tangible reality. Here’s how we handle each crucial element.

1. Location:

Identifying the ideal: We analyze various factors like talent availability, infrastructure quality, and regulatory landscape to pinpoint the optimal location for your GCC.

2. Building the Backbone: Infrastructure:

From bricks to bytes: We assist in establishing office space, IT infrastructure, and secure communication networks, ensuring a smooth operational environment.

3. Navigating the Maze: Regulatory Compliance:

Meeting legal requirements: We guide you through company registration, licensing procedures, and visa processes for your GCC staff, ensuring adherence to local regulations.

4. Streamlining Operations: Systems & Tools:

Technology that empowers: We implement essential software and tools for communication, collaboration, project management, and data security, fostering efficient workflows.

5. People & Finance: The Heart of the Operation:

Building the right team: We help you attract, recruit, and onboard talented professionals, while establishing efficient payroll and finance processes for smooth financial management.

6. Securing the Digital Fort: Data & Cyber Security:

Protecting your valuable assets: We prioritize data security by implementing robust security measures, access controls, and disaster recovery plans to safeguard your information.

7. Core Team: The Driving Force:

Assembling the dream team: We assist in building a strong, experienced core team responsible for managing and leading your GCC, laying the foundation for future success.

8. Brand Identity: Making a Mark:

Establishing your presence: We help you develop a localized brand identity for your GCC that resonates with the local market and aligns with your overall brand strategy.

By meticulously navigating these crucial areas, the Setup Phase ensures your GCC is not just operational, but strategically positioned for long-term success.

Bringing Your GCC to Life

Aikya Consulting’s support extends far beyond the initial setup. In the Execution Phase, we become your trusted partner, ensuring your GCC operates seamlessly and delivers on its promises. Here’s how we empower you:

1. Knowledge Transfer: Bridging the Gap:

We facilitate smooth knowledge transfer between your internal teams and the GCC staff, ensuring efficient operations and best practice implementation.

2. Steering by the Stars: Running the GCC with KPIs:

We closely monitor your defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provide regular reports with actionable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making and course correction if needed.

3. Delivering Value: Fulfilling Commitments:

We work closely with your GCC team to ensure timely and high-quality delivery of agreed-upon services, exceeding your expectations and maintaining client satisfaction.

4. Building the Dream Team: Continuous Hiring:

We assist with ongoing talent acquisition to address evolving needs, ensuring your GCC has the right people with the right skills at the right time.

5. Operational Excellence: Building a Strong Foundation:

We help you refine processes, implement best practices, and leverage technology to create a well-oiled operational machine within your GCC.

6. Hand Holding & Coaching: Empowering Your Team:

We offer guidance, mentorship, and training to your GCC team, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

7. Management Reporting: Transparency and Accountability:

We generate regular reports that provide transparent insights into the GCC’s performance, financial health, and progress towards objectives, keeping stakeholders informed and engaged.

By partnering with Aikya in the Execution Phase, you gain the confidence and expertise to run your GCC effectively, ensuring it delivers tangible value and becomes an integral part of your global business strategy.

The culmination of your GCC journey arrives with the Transfer Phase, where Aikya Consulting guides you through a smooth and successful handover to your internal team.

Phased Handover: 

We facilitate a gradual handover of responsibilities, allowing your team to gain experience and confidence while minimizing disruption.

Sustainability Assessment:

We evaluate the GCC’s long-term viability and suggest improvement plans for continued success under your internal management.

Support Beyond Transition:

We offer ongoing support and guidance even after the formal handover, ensuring a seamless transition and continued success for your GCC.

Partnering with Aikya Consulting in the Transfer Phase ensures a successful transition to your GCC journey, leaving you with a fully functional and integrated center that contributes to your long-term business goals.

By meticulously examining these factors in the Discovery Phase and delivering a complete report that helps to set up a blueprint for your GCC.

Aikya empowers you to establish a GCC that is not just operational, but truly strategic and future-proof.

Ready to accelerate your GCC journey with us?